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Monday, 23 July 2012

Light Horse Competitors for 2012

The following is the list of Light Horse competitors in the order they were pulled out during a random draw, which took place at the July 23, 2012 NAS Director's meeting.  At this point, we can guarantee that the top 14 are in the show and the names shown in bold are in.  

The NAS Board cannot make a decision regarding accepting more entries until all Cattle and Draft Horse entries are received following the July 28th deadline. We will update this notice once that decision has been made.

  1. Gayle Govereau
  2. Grace Trowbridge
  3. MacKenzie Fournier
  4. Sarah McNeil
  5. Kiersten Brennan
  6. Troy Williams
  7. Paul Reynolds
  8. Sarah Stewart
  9. Joshua Whiffen
  10. Christina Jardine
  11. Zoe Manuel
  12. Alison Jones-Hubbard
  13. Jennifer Gregan
  14. MacKenzie Tucker
  15. Suan Donovan-Pugsley
  16. Megan MacDiarmid
  17. Kyla Reynolds
  18. David Gregan
  19. Kylin Steeves
  20. Jessie Oulet
  21. Jillian Robichaud
  22. Jared Stevens

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